karate lansdale warrington  Students from Central Bucks CB South and Lenape middle school enjoyed a day at AMERIKICK in Lansdale PA.  They participated in exercise, stretching, and self defense skills.  Later they were treated to demonstrations from the instructors from Lansdale and Amerikick Warrington.  Pictured are Sensei Doug with Eric Powell from Lenape.

Karate for kids is a great way for children to learn lessons in life and build self confidence. Our approach at Amerikick is like none other. Currently we are less than 500 students away from reaching 1 Million students satisfied. Also, there are 26 locations nationwide. Your child can

amerikick karate world  Alana Wegfahrt age 18 of AMERIKICK KARATE 382 Easton Rd  in Warrington PA receiving her Undisputed title as the Number 1  female fighter in the U.S.A. from NASKA last night in Chicago.  Alana from Jamison PA has been training at Amerikick since age 5 and  is known for her beautiful kicks and graceful attitude. As a part of the  prestigious Amerikick World team she is holding her own defeating  many slightly older karate champions. She is now a Sensei at the Warrington karate school and loves teaching other young girls  to
be confident and self assured through martial arts training.

kick boxingWhack!  The rounded glove crashes into a bag as a smiling woman  pulls back for another uppercut punch.  Kickboxing is taking off this  season.

Amerikick’s  kick boxing super fat burning classes are producing amazing  results for moms and dads.

“I can’t believe the  instruction here.  I went to many health clubs and I realize now why they  were boring… the instructors didn’t have the amazing experience and knowledge of the Amerikick instructors. The instructors here are teaching  me how to kick and punch with power and finesse and showing me how I can  improve my performance by changing small things.  It’s so much fun.  I  love the class!” says Sherry from Jamison PA.

Kickboxing burns up to 750 calories per hour and the group here is so enthusiastic. Yes they are sweating, yet they all  look like they are having a really good time. Sensei Kevin  is not only a buff instructor, he moves like a martial arts movie star.  He is a  world champion in martial arts sparring and can jump high enough to kick the ceiling of the Karate school.  But more important he is able show the  class how to be the best they can be.

If you are looking for a  fun work out this season don’t miss out. No other fitness program will  get you in shape faster.  You will see results after just one week with kick boxing.

Call 215-343-2378 or Drop in for a free kick boxing class at 11am-12pm or 8:30-9:30pm Tuesday and Thursday.