karate blockingThis week in every class we will be teaching you the many different types of blocks found in the martial arts.

Here is a list see how many you know:

Windmill Block – Practice doing both sides in a row. Focus on quickly, moving your head.
Brushing – Like a windmill block but the back of the hand brushes across the strike.
Cobra and Reverse Cobra
Fish Hook
Palm Blocks
Top Knuckle
Elbow Blocks
Circular Blocks – (Wax on, Wax off, closed or open hand)
X Block – Upward and Downward
Double Blades
Sinawali open hand
Hand Checks
Universal Block

Leg Checks
Knee and leg blocks
Iron wall jam

1. HARD BLOCKS: A hard block is when you take the punch or kick and forcefully STOP or REDIRECT IT. All of the basic blocks: Inward, Outward, Upward, and Downward are hard blocks. They rely on form and power, and are designed not just to block, but to injure the attackers arm or leg.

2. SOFT BLOCKS: A soft block takes the punch or kick and guides it through its natural motion. They are often combined with an avoidance move. Windmill Guard is a soft block.

3. POWER: To develop bone crushing power on your hard blocks, concentrate on a strong fast and focused wrist turn at the very end of your block. This turns the block into a devastating strike. Practice it on focus pads.

karate jumpingThis week in every class we will be helping you learn to jump higher and improve all of your martial arts aerial moves. The best way to gain height on your jumps is to work on leg strengthening skills.

1. STEP: With both feet together jump all the way up a set of stairs. Do it everyday as many times as you can.

2. TB DRILL – SQUAT: If you have ever visited China, you’ll see why their martial artists have such incredible leaps and jumps. They don’t sit on chairs nearly as much as Americans; they squat, when they are reading, eating, or waiting for the bus. See if you can watch an entire show while in a squat.

3. INCH BY INCH: Ninjas used to improve their jumps by digging a hole into the ground just deep enough that they could jump out. Everyday they would dig an inch deeper, and try to jump out. After many months they could jump over a grown man’s head. You can do a simpler version, just put a piece of tape up high on a wall outside of your house and try to jump up and reach it with your hand. Raise it a little higher everyday.

I started karate because my friend said that I would like it. He was right. Since I started karate, becoming a black belt has been my dream. Now it is finally here. I know this is just the beginning of my journey.

In the past few years of karate, I have learned all of the katas, defense techniques, weapons, and how to spar. Every belt level I develop a new skill.

The lessons in life are good words to live by. I have used them in my daily routine at home, in school and other situations.

I have made many good friends. All the Sensei’s are very encouraging and supportive. I especially admire Sensei Nick for all he has done. I hope to be like him some day. He has inspired me to do my best and work hard in school, at home, and no matter what I do.

Every Saturday I take a private lesson with Sensei Nick, which I really appreciate. He has taught me to work hard and do my best. He has taught me a lot.

Every time I have had a private lesson with Sensei Nick, I have always tried to do my best. Whether it was practicing katas, weapons or techniques. I can remember Sensei Nick telling me to do better or focus more. He always made me do everything over and over until I really understood what I was doing. I really like Sensei Nick and appreciate what he has taught me. If he did not take the extra time to pump me up, I might not be here today.

I have also learned to be part of a team. We all encourage each other to do our best. The higher belt levels really help and encourage the lower belt levels. I like to help and encourage others as much as I can.

I can always remember during class to say “Yes, Sensei!” whenever the Sensei’s told us to do something. When I am at school during class I shout out “Yes, Sensei!” whenever the teachers tell us to do something. I did not even know that I was saying it. I guess that carried over from taking a lot of classes. I like and try to be the best and loudest in my class.

I also really appreciate all of the other Sensei’s for all of the help and encouragement over the years. Sensei Jamel is a very good teacher. I have learned a whole lot from him, too.

Karate is a challenge. That is why I like it. It challenges me to do things that I never thought I could do. It also challenges me to want to do more and learn more, and be the best that I can be.

I would like to finish my essay by saying that what a black belt means to me is working your hardest to complete your goals whether it is in school, work, sports, martial arts, etc. It is to do our best to reach our goals, and we will achieve them.

I will do my best and give it my all to pass my black belt test and achieve my first goal. I know that this is just the beginning and there is a long road ahead, but I will get there someday.

The Amerikick International tournament posted it’s highest competitor count ever! But that didn’t stop the martial arts kids from Amerikick Warrington from scoring big this weekend. They came home with plenty of wins, a ton of trophies, and lots of smiles.

It was an amazing weekend and an amazing showing at the 20th annual Amerikick Internationals. Over 1,000 competitors from all over the United States, Canada and Europe traveled to Philadelphia to compete at the NASKA World Rated AMERIKICK International Karate Championships.

Min and Jin Lee 5 first places
kids karate tournament 2

Friday began with the super exciting continuous sparring divisions. Both junior and adults competitors went to battle in this event. Then all the weapons divisions began. Super performances from the top competitors could be seen in many rings. You never saw a weapon move so fast! The colorbelt rings also show cased lots of amateur talent. Logan Kulick of Warrington won 2 first places! From the young white belts to the older and more experienced brown belts and red belts, the extreme weapons and musical divisions were amazing to watch.

The highlights of Friday night are always the Demo Team divisions. Every Amerikick school enters a team to hopefully earn bragging rights and the title of Demo Team Champion. This year saw over 25 teams enter. There was tough competition to say the least. Stand out performances were made by the 1st place winner of the Dragons, Team Eggharbor Township.

Amerikick Warrington put on a spectacular performance in the colorbelt division. Thanks to Jimmy Sholly, Hailey Metzgar, Grace Newell, Mckenzie McCarty, Alex Ursino, Aiden Heiser and Ian Sharp, all led by the super energy of Micheal Errichetti.

The Warrington black belt team put on a great performances. Emily Cid, Isablla Manzella, Anthony Fonterossa, Blake Feingold, Kain Johnson, Tommy Balkir and, Ben Wenzke. Made us proud!

Tommy took home 1st place in Amerikick Forms, 1st in Amerikick Weapons, 2nd in Amerikick Sparring, 2nd in NASKA Weapons, 3rd in NASKA Forms, and 3rd in NASKA Sparring!!
kids karate tournament 5

Saturday’s began with weapons in the colorbelt rings and the NASKA black belt divisions. It was great to see many Amerikick black belts enter the NASKA rated divisions. Warrington black belt Emily Cid along with Isabella Manzella, Katy and Nick Nichini, Ben Wenzke, and Tommy Balkir all were winners in the highly competitive divisions.

Emily Cid and Tommy Balkir : Tommy Balkir took home 1st place in Amerikick Forms, 1st in Amerikick Weapons, 2nd in Amerikick Sparring, 2nd in NASKA Weapons, 3rd in NASKA Forms, and 3rd in NASKA Sparring!!
kids karate tournament 3

The colorbelt rings had an over whelming number of competi-tors. There were divisions with over 40 competitors that were separated four times! This showed the great excitement and support for the events. Christina Fonterosa took a first place crushing the competition with a beautifully executed Koreyo form.

Christina Fonterosa 1st place sparring and Kata | Anthony Fonterosa first place kata
kids karate tournament 4

RYAN PINTO 1st Place Kata. A perfectly executed form. Way to go ryan!
kids karate tournament 6

The adult sparring divisons were amazing with Amerikick World Team member Alana Wegfahrt, from Warrington, winning first place in the womens light weight divison as well leading the womens fighting team to victory. Sensei Kevin, Sensei Eric and Sensei Dennis all rocked in their fighting divisions. You make us proud! Great Job Everyone!

ALANA Wegfarht 1st place womens lightweight sparring
kids karate tournament 1