throwing karateThis wees karate lessons will be teaching throws and sweeps. You will learn how to quickly interrupt your opponents balance and take them down to the ground. Be sure to practice your falls!

SWEEPS : Sweeps are when you use your arms or legs to take out an opponents feet. Most sweeps are kicks angled to the legs. Just like there are hook kicks, wheel kicks, and roundhouse kicks. There are hook sweeps, wheel sweeps, and roundhouse sweeps.

THROWS : Most throws work on a simple theory; put your opponent’s weight on one leg and rotate them on their axis. Watch this weeks karate lessons and see how this works as you learn new throws.

STAY ON YOUR FEET : Except for a few advanced throws, your goal is to throw your opponent down and stay up on your feet! Rolling to the ground is mainly used in sport versions of martial arts. It would be extremely dangerous to go to the ground in any multiple attacker situation.

The Amerikick World Team continues its Winning Streak! Try your free karate lessons today!

Amerikick karate has been invited by the Temple University football team to perform at the halftime show on Saturday, September 8th 2012 at 12 p.m. Temple will be playing Maryland at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Amerikick karate kids will have a 3 minute demo at Halftime. All the kids will go on the field at halftime and create a demo that will be put on youtube for every one to watch. There will be several strong black belts as leaders and a more advanced demo by one of the teams in the center.

Join in the fun with a pre game group photo taken on the field. Amerikick will also be featured on the scoreboard of Lincoln Financial Field during the game.

Sharon and Dennis Tosten the owners of Amerikick said, “We are having all the demo teams perform. The rest of the students will finish the show with AMERIKICK Little dragon Little tiger.”

Don’t forget to try your free karate class today. Just fill out the form at the top right of this page and come to a class. Can’t wait to see you there!!

karate belts colorsSTRIPING AND TESTING for Karate belts, colors, and level training.

“Real leaders are ordinary people with extraordinary determination.”

Thomas Edison tried to make a light bulb over a thousand times, and it didn’t work. Someone asked him “How do you feel failing to accomplish your goal after all that work?” Edison said “I haven’t failed I have just found out 1000 ways NOT to make a light bulb. Of course he kept trying and eventually did discover the way to make a light bulb! How many people with out his Extraordinary Determination would have given up in a few dozen tries or a few hundred tries?”


How to make a good kata great

1. Eye contact
2. Strong Kias
3. Tight hand on hip
4. Stances
5. Chamber Kicks
6. Head and Back straight
7. Fist Tight
8. Proper foot position
9. Focused Power
10. Strong start, Strong Finish

KATA LINE- Have students line up down the floor facing a partner. Have them perform their kata as strong as they can. Then have the last person in one line, run to the end and everyone moves down one. They do they same thing with everyone facing a new partner.

QUAD KATA – Set up the entire class in groups of 4. Have all the groups 4 students set up in a squares, facing each other. Have them perform their kata as strong as they can. Keep rotating a new person into each group.

BLIND FOLD KATA- Buy bandanas and use as blind folds. Have groups of students perform their kata blindfolded.

LINE KATA DRILL-Line up the students in a basic line. If you are doing Amerikick Olympics, put them in RED, WHITE AND BLUE teams.

ANGLE KATA- Have students start Kata facing a corner.

Charade Techniques-Instead of calling out the technique, so who can react first when you Charade the name. Such as make a circle with you arm and touch your elbow for CIRCLING ELBOWS.

ADULT TECHNIQUE LINE – Line up adults with one facing the rest of the line. They perform the same technique on everyone in the line. Then go to the end and next person does the same.

Generate more enthusiasm with POINTS. Use the POINT Cards the same as we do in tournaments, each time the class performs a tech, kata or basic. Have 3 Senseis hold a up a score for the class.

COUNTER REVERSE PUNCH- Have Partner 1 lead off with any attack. Partner two must block or avoid the attack and score with a counter reverse punch. Have partner 1 do 10 attacks then switch places.

karate classes fallingThis week in every class we will be helping you to learn how to land on the ground properly if you fall, are thrown, or forced to the ground. Learning how to land correctly can save you from broken bones a concussion or worse.

1. Slap: When practicing falls your arms can take most of the impact, by slapping the ground as you land. Be sure not to hit your elbows on the ground.

2. Exhale: Be sure to exhale forcefully as you hit the ground. This will stop you from having the “wind” knocked out of you – Shocking your lungs and making it difficult to breath for about a minute. To prevent this be sure to exhale.

3. Watch Your Head: As you practice drills in class, one of your main goals is to never let your head hit the ground. Keep you chin tucked and never allow your head to snap backwards.

Everyone should try a class this week
By Dennis Tosten

Learning how to land if you slip or fall is as important as wearing a seat belt knowing and hoping you won’t need it, but you should definitely have it on in case you do. Thousands of people are injured every year by simple slips and falls in the bathroom, on slippery pavements, or during everyday simple activities. If you try a class this week, you can learn a skill that is very likely to come in handy during your lifetime. So come in, take one class, it’s free and you will add another life skill to your bag of tricks! One hour of class is much better than 6 weeks in a cast.

June is Father’s Month start your karate classes now!

Want to own your own AMERIKICK School?

We have an amazing opportunity in New Jersey right now. Just 15 minutes across the Walt Whitman bridge. A competitor is retiring and the landlord wants us to take over the space. This is a very large all ready to go school at very low rent. Call Sharon Tosten at 215-343-2378 to find out more.

karate chalfontAmerikick Karate Chalfont has opened!


The bright and spacious Chalfont karate school is conveniently located at Limekiln Pike and County Line Rd right next to 7-11.


The head instructors Dennis and Sharon Tosten have been teaching character building karate programs to children and adults for decades in this area. The Chalfont karate program focuses on conditioning, concentration, coordination and self discipline.

The first classes started Monday October 1st and every student left with a new goal and a smile on their face.

Amerikick martial arts are the best value in an activity for yourself or your child. The Amerikick karate Chalfont team consists only of instructors with at least ten years of experience in the martial arts and numerous national competition wins. Amerikick has consistently been rated the #1 school in coaching competitive martial artists.


Be sure to check the website and youtube to see their top teams in action. Amerikick unlike other local schools relies on great classes, goal setting and a well planned curriculum to keep students interested rather than trying to lock you into a contract. There are no contracts at Amerikick karate Chalfont and a flexible schedule.


Prices are very reasonable and classes have a 4 to 1 student to instructor ratio. You can get started at Amerikick Karate Chalfont and Kickboxing for 2 months only $99 and also get a FREE uniform or FREE gloves.


Amerikick was started in 1967 by Dennis Tosten and now has 28 schools on the east coast and mid-west, as well as the top tournament in North America, the Amerikick Internationals. Be sure to train with the best. Call Amerikick Karate Chalfont now at 267-980-8518.

karatenasticsThis week in every class we will be helping you develop the gymnastics skills needed for extreme martial arts. Practicing proper fundamentals in gymnastics will allow you to proficiently perform extreme tricks and kicks.

1. Arm Strength: Many of the tricks rely on your ability to spring off your hands. The best way to prepare for this is to practice standing on your hands for as long as you can. Jackie Chan used to hold his hands stand on a chair for 3 Hours! As did everyone in the Chinese Opera school. If you can’t do a full hands stand yet. Practice against the wall, by walking your feet up the wall and stay there as long as you can.

2. Bridge: The next skill you can use to develop arm strength is the Bridge. Lay on your back, roll your arms back until your fingers point back at your shoulders. Then arch your back up as you walk your feet in. Hold this as long as you can.

AMERIKICK SUMMER FUN: Sign up for an Amerikick Camp and jump up a belt level

Amerikick University: Learn to teach, run a school and become a leader at Amerikick University Sat. Aug. 24th at Amerikick Marlton call 1-856-797-0300 for details.


BLACK BELT SHOW: JUMPING, KICKING, BOARD BREAKING, Excitement! Sunday June 10th Collingswood NJ theater 2:30. Just 5 minutes from Ben Franklin Bridge. Call for tickets 1-856-797-0300