mixed martial arts fakes

This week we will be teaching you the mixed martial art of faking. In mixed martial arts faking is used as a method to get closer to your opponent, to distract him from your true intention by throwing a fake strike (just the initial movement) as you step closer, then attacking with a true strike.

How to set up fakes :
When you are sparring in mixed martial arts, faking works best after you have scored on your opponent with a solid kick or punch. They will then be wary of that particular move. Then you can fake that kick or punch and score with another move.

Types of fakes :
Punch fakes – Punch fakes are often called “shoulder fakes” because you use your shoulder movement to distract your opponent.

Kick fakes – Kick fakes are often called “hip fakes” because you tilt your hip up to confuse your opponent. Kick fakes are also done by chambering your leg in various positions.

Speed fakes – Speed faking is alternating between fast and slow speeds to confuse your opponent.

You can never fool yourself – By Dennis Tosten
Faking is an advanced skill in mixed martial arts and is used by most top tournament competitors. Unfortunately many people have mastered faking in their personal lives. They fake their accomplishments, claim to do things they have not and tell themselves they are doing their best when they know deep inside that they could do better. This behavior always leads to unhappiness and discontent. Our quote in the school this week is “You can never fool yourself.” This quote is about improving yourself.

Improving yourself is up to you. When you fake an accomplishment the only one you truly hurt is yourself. What if you are at school and one of the class mates cheats on a test? And maybe this time they don’t get caught. Who are the cheating the most? Themselves, because they never learn the material. They don’t get smarter and they don’t develop the work ethic they need to succeed.

That’s why in every class we ask you to push yourself to do your best, so that when you go home you can feel good about the effort you put forth and you will know when you wrap that new mixed martial arts belt around your waist that you deserve it. Deep inside you will know you did everything to earn it. Nothing will make you happier then deservedly achieving a worthwhile goal.

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This week in every Martial Arts class we will be helping you to learn defense moves if you are on the ground. Did you know that 80% of fights end up on the ground? Of course as a trained martial artist your goal is to remain standing at all times and put your attacker on the ground.

A Little History : The following techniques are martial arts ground defensive techniques, not grappling. Grappling is a sport and is not effective in multiple attacker situations.

Ground defense move are designed to quickly incapacitate an attacker and get to your feet. These moves were developed thousands of years ago, for the emperors in the Hainan Province whom were often attacked in their sleep.

Fact: 60% of the world still sit and sleep on the floor. Martial arts ground defense is important because you spend half of your life sitting or lying down.

Did you know? Many of the techniques that you learn in regular martial arts class can be easily adapted for the ground. You’ll be learning how this week!

martial arts ground techniques1. Get Up : At home, practice “popping up quickly” from your bed, your favorite chair and on the floor. See how fast you can get into your fighting stance.

2. What If Drill : As you go through your day, play the “what if” game. Think what you would do if you were attacked while gardening. Or lying in your bed. What if your were at your computer desk and someone grabbed you from behind? You could use your chair as a weapon. Plan how you would escape.

3. Watch Your Head! : As you practice drills in class, one of your main goals is to never let your head hit the ground. Keep your chin tucked and never allow your head to snap backwards.

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karate kicksThis week we are working on side kicks. There are 4 basic side kicks you will be learning. A side kick is one of the most important basics in karate. A person with an excellent side kick can dominate the competition in both kata and sparring. As a matter of fact, one of Grand Master Dennis Tosten’s instructors Joe Lewis ( voted by all the major martial arts magazines as the greatest karate fighter of all time) used just 2 techniques 90% of the time – The back knuckle and the side kick.

A strong side kick can stop the biggest opponent in their tracks and a perfect side kick puts you in the winners circle at any kata event. Here are some things that you can do to improve your side kicks!

1. Stretch : The best stretch for a great side kick is a side split. Once you are in the split position try to touch your head to your front knee and then to your back knee. Hold these positions by grabbing the bottom of your foot.

2. Chamber : Great side kicks start and finish with a great chamber. On every kick focus on pulling your knee in a s tightly as possible. At home practice holding your leg in a high chamber position for as long as you can.

3. Extension : At home put one hand on the wall, and practice holding your side kick out fully extended for as long as you can. The goal is to have it point up to the ceiling.

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karate flexibiltyThis week in every martial arts training class we will be helping you to become a faster and higher kicker by helping you to improve your flexibility.

Flexibility is increased through stretching. We stretch to avoid injuries and for better performance. The more you stretch the faster you will become because a loose muscle moves faster than a tight muscle.

Here are a few things you can do to become more flexible in your martial arts training :

1. Routine : The only way to improve your flexibility is to stretch everyday. Do a light stretch, touch your toes, straddle and side splits as far as your feel comfortable. Do this as soon as you get up in the morning. This will make stretching easier the rest of the day. Then stretch a little more right before lunch. Do a full stretch right before karate class, then a quick stretch before bed. Keep up this routine and you will be kicking over your head in no time.

2. TV Drill : If you are watching TV, sit in a straddle for the entire show. Every few minutes try to push your legs out a little further. This type of static stretching is a painless way to improve your flexibility.

3. Heat It Up !!! : Turn off the air, or go outside, The best way to get in shape and get muscles loose it to do martial arts training in the heat. Cold tightens muscles and slows your progress. Just be sure to drink enough water.

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