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Ross Levine has been training in the martial arts since he was 7 years old. He has been competing on the regional, national and international level for 12 years and is currently a member of Team Impex. Along with training 5 days/week and competing at least once each month, Ross is also a student at Brooklyn College, Majoring in Exercise Science, with a Minor in Nutrition. His goal is to continue into Graduate School to earn a Doctorate Degree in Physical Therapy. He teaches martial arts to children, teenagers and adults 3 days/week at the Amerikick Karate Studios in Brooklyn as well.

ross levine martial artsAs the reigning #1 rated competitor on the NASKA circuit in the Heavyweight Sparring division and multiple time NASKA winner of the Creative Non-Bladed Weapons division, Ross specializes in sparring techniques, strength training, body conditioning and creative bo-staff maneuvers. He puts his expertise to work teaching private lessons and seminars on a regular basis to students all over the United States and across the globe. Ross also designed his own line of Custom All-Star Sparring Gear which retails successfully in the United States, Canada, Mexico and Europe.

Some of Ross’ most notable accomplishments include:

  • 2004-2010 NASKA World Champion Creative Weapons
  • 2004-Present NASKA World Champion Sparring
  • 6x Warrior Cup Winner, most in NASKA History

black belt extravaganzaDo you always feel rushed during the holidays? Do you have too much to do? Plan ahead this holiday season and get organized with some of the following tips.

Remember traditions. If your family has traditions that you keep year after year, plan for them now. Do family members draw names for gift giving? Do the children in your family prepare skits or adults tell family stories? Do what ever you need now to make sure the traditions are passed on. Create a checklist, decide on a theme for decorations, prepare menus etc. This will make it much easier.

Prepare your gift list now. Collect catalogs and visit websites if you like to order gifts, go to the local shopping center before the crowds arrive or collect what you need if you make your own gifts. Make lists so you don’t forget anyone important. If you mail gifts out of town then get them organized and out early.

Gather your supplies. Make sure you have stamps for holiday cards, wrapping paper for gifts, kitchen items if your hosting and or cooking.

Do some house keeping. Are guests coming for a visit? Now is a great time to clear out the clutter in your extra bedroom, put away out of season clothing to make closet and draw room for overnight guests. Add the little things that will make them comfortable; extra blankets, plush pillows and fun reading materials are some examples.

Decorate the outdoors. You may think its too early to put the lights up, but its much easier to do it now than in the middle of a snowstorm. Test the lights before you put them up and after but don’t turn them on at night until Thanksgiving time.

Cook, Bake and Freeze. This is a great time to prepare soups, cookies, and whole dinners. Store them away in the freezer to be ready when needed for unexpected guests and parties.

Save time for Fun and family. Don’t forget to reserve time in your busy holiday schedule for simple fun and family time. See a movie or rent a family favorites. See a show like the “Nutcracker”. Plan a family picnic in front of the fire place. Attend the Black Belt Extravaganza. You will be amazed how these simple things will turn into treasured memories and even family traditions.

bullyBullies are individuals who pick on others as a result of low self esteem. their main target are those who display conciliatory traits.

Such as:

Looking Down : Hold your head up, walk straight and purposefully. Focus on having good straight upper body posture during all of the drills in class.

Speaking Without Confidence : Speak clearly, strongly, and make eye contact.

Getting Upset : Never let a bully get you upset. Many times bullies are playing a game with you. The game is to get you upset. If you do not get upset, you win the game.

“It’s not what you are called. It’s what you answer to.”

AKL TOURNAMENTS November 18th, 2012 at Amerikick in South Philadelphia 16th and Snyder.

See your Sensei for your player cards. We have a division for white belts all ages. If you know Little Dragon you are ready to compete. Everyone who performs their kata receives a medal.

Come and get the best work out of your life and help make Amerikick’s Sensei Kevin Philly Fit Magazines top fitness instructor. Sunday November 25th, 2012 at the Philly Fit Bash

Amerikick Black Belt show. See what it is all about. Sunday December 2nd, 2012 at 2:30 in Collingswood theater. Collingswood New Jersey just 5 minutes across the Ben Franklin Bridge. It’s exciting! Tickets $5, $10 and $15.