Black BeltWhat does a black belt mean to me?

Receiving a black belt was always a dream for me from a white belt to now. To me it symbolizes an accomplishment. At first I just wanted to show but then I realized the love and affection I have for martial arts. I saw it wasn’t made to be a trophy it was an item with a significant meaning you must earn. The many black belts Iíve seen wear their belts with pride. They earn it and are proud to have. I hope that someday I’d be able to show that pride to others.

A black belt is reminder of ones infinite potential. As I continue to work on self-discipline, focus and physical conditioning I have learned to be true to myself, work with my limitations, push myself beyond my current limits and do it all with pride. Although my journey has not been easy, it has come to show an acceptance of who I am and a quest of who I want to become. A black belt is also about learning to take responsibility.

As a black belt people should already know what and what not to do. For example if you’re pressured into drinking you should know that you shouldn’t do it and say no. Also if you see someone getting bullied doesn’t just pass by and ignore him/her. Tell the teacher, principal, or nearest adult. Lying isn’t good, so if you did something make sure you tell the truth. Telling the truth can set you free.

A black belt to me is about discipline and self-control. When I started karate I was very reckless and accident-prone. As continued to learn more I started to have move control of my body. Discipline is something very important to. Discipline is learning to obey rules or having a good behavior. Without discipline children and adults would grow up without and respect for others and themselves.Black Belt also means determination. It takes a lot of determination to earn a Black Belt. A determined martial artist will constantly practice and perfect their techniques while an unmotivated martial artist will get frustrated or bored with it and give up. Iíve been practicing my forms and techniques for almost a half an hour every day! Throughout my journey I have realized that only an individual with lots of determination can achieve maturity and proficiency in the art.

There is no definite meaning for Black Belt. It varies from person to person, or from Black Belt to Black Belt. I believe someone cannot fully understand what earning a Black Belt means to them until they go through years of training. Only now can I say that to me Black Belt means hard work and determination. In the beginning I thought earning a Black Belt would be easy, but now I know better. I’ve realized that Black Belt is something you have to work hard for and has to be something you really want and keeps you motivated for the rewarding end result. If not anything else, it will certainly be something to I will always remember and be proud of achieving.

BY: Ajani Adrea (Amerikick Park Slope)
Black Belt