karate tournament 1. Be sure to bow when you enter and leave the ring

2. Always maintain eye contact with the judges

3. Be confident and speak forcefully

4. Never turn your back on the judges

5. Follow all instructions given


Tournament Week:

This week in every class we will be working as teams to help you improve your martial arts skills and get you in tip top shape for competition. All these drills will help both you and your team!

1. Repetition: Practice any Kata you plan on entering 10 times in a row each day. When you perform, you don’t want to be thinking about the next move. You want to focus on doing each move as perfectly as possible. It takes a while to get to this point in any Kata, but the more times per day you do your from the faster the form will become a part of you.

2. Spar: What’s the main goal of sparring? Many students answer; “To hit the other player.” Actually the true goal is: “To never get hit.” When preparing this week, set aside a space (the rings at the tournament are about 18×18) and work on staying in your stance with your hands up and shuffling across, vertically, horizontally, and circling around the ring both clockwise and counter clockwise. Also work on shuffling abruptly out of the corner. If your foot work is fast, smooth, and unpredictable it makes it very difficult for your opponent to score on you. This will give you better control of the match and help you set up to score effectively, and most of all – “Not get hit!”

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Dodging and Slipping is moving out of the way of an attack and not being hit. It is also moving to the best angle so you can easily counter attack.

HEAD SLIPS- There are 6 basic head slips
1. Straight Down
2.To the Right Side
3.To the Left Side
4.Forward to a Left angle
5. Forward to a Right angle
6.Straight Back

When you perform as a slip, your goal is to move at the last moment so your opponent can’t follow you, and slip as close as possible so that you can counter attack. When you slip your head be sure to maintain eye contact at all times.

BODY SLIPS- 3 Main Body slips
1. Twist Left
2. Twist Right
3. Pull Back (Pull the Hips back and suck in the stomach)

MIRROR SLIPPING DRILL- Face the mirror in a sparring stance and pretend different punches and kicks are coming at your head and body. Practice staying in your stance, slipping, and quickly returning right back to position.

“The best way of blocking is not being there.” This is a martial arts quote, moving out of the way is even safer than blocking. It is also a Life quote.

“Bad results come from bad situations. Don’t put yourself in bad situations.” These quotes are about keeping yourself out of trouble. Staying away from people who encourage bad behavior,and not participating in anything that you know is wrong.  “Sometimes a small wrong thing, can lead to a very big wrong thing.”

karate blockingThis week in every class we will be teaching you the many different types of blocks found in the martial arts.

Here is a list see how many you know:

Windmill Block – Practice doing both sides in a row. Focus on quickly, moving your head.
Brushing – Like a windmill block but the back of the hand brushes across the strike.
Cobra and Reverse Cobra
Fish Hook
Palm Blocks
Top Knuckle
Elbow Blocks
Circular Blocks – (Wax on, Wax off, closed or open hand)
X Block – Upward and Downward
Double Blades
Sinawali open hand
Hand Checks
Universal Block

Leg Checks
Knee and leg blocks
Iron wall jam

1. HARD BLOCKS: A hard block is when you take the punch or kick and forcefully STOP or REDIRECT IT. All of the basic blocks: Inward, Outward, Upward, and Downward are hard blocks. They rely on form and power, and are designed not just to block, but to injure the attackers arm or leg.

2. SOFT BLOCKS: A soft block takes the punch or kick and guides it through its natural motion. They are often combined with an avoidance move. Windmill Guard is a soft block.

3. POWER: To develop bone crushing power on your hard blocks, concentrate on a strong fast and focused wrist turn at the very end of your block. This turns the block into a devastating strike. Practice it on focus pads.

karate jumpingThis week in every class we will be helping you learn to jump higher and improve all of your martial arts aerial moves. The best way to gain height on your jumps is to work on leg strengthening skills.

1. STEP: With both feet together jump all the way up a set of stairs. Do it everyday as many times as you can.

2. TB DRILL – SQUAT: If you have ever visited China, you’ll see why their martial artists have such incredible leaps and jumps. They don’t sit on chairs nearly as much as Americans; they squat, when they are reading, eating, or waiting for the bus. See if you can watch an entire show while in a squat.

3. INCH BY INCH: Ninjas used to improve their jumps by digging a hole into the ground just deep enough that they could jump out. Everyday they would dig an inch deeper, and try to jump out. After many months they could jump over a grown man’s head. You can do a simpler version, just put a piece of tape up high on a wall outside of your house and try to jump up and reach it with your hand. Raise it a little higher everyday.

This is the Martial Arts Premier Event. Held at the prestigious Pennsylvania Convention Center, the Amerikick karate tournament is actually several tournaments in one. It is rated with NASKA (North American Sport Karate Association) as a World Tour Event. This will allow you to see the best sport karate competitors in the world.

In the realm of Extreme Martial arts, the Amerikick Internationals will play host to the best trickers in the country as they battle it out for the top prize, with their amazing in the air spins. kicks and flips! If you want to watch! One of the most exciting events is the Demo Team competition with most of the Amerikick schools fielding at least one or two teams to compete for the bragging rights. Last year saw over 40 Demo Teams compete. This year will not disappoint and it will take place Friday night at 7:00 pm. Support the Warrington teams! You will see tricks flips, and more. Amazing!

At the tournament you will also see super star martial arts competitors including top Amerikick World Team members! They are teaching a seminar on Friday at 3:00 pm. Learn from the best current champions. The Seminar will include forms, weapons, and extreme martial arts. There are plenty of fighting divisions including continuous sparring, point sparring and team sparring. And, if you are a fan of fighting, then you don’t want to miss the new Great 8 Superfights. This special fighting event will feature all adult black belts in one open division fighting down to the final four best fighters and winning thousands in prize money.

The Night of Champions Super Star Finals will conclude the tournament with the first place winners of the tournament competing against each other for the grand champion titles, prizes and awards. This is the best of the best show starting Saturday night at 6:30 pm. Tickets are available on line and at the door. March 30th and 31st PA Convention Center Philadelphia, PA. All children will receive a TROPHY for participating and huge 5 ft trophies for 1st place!

Get your tickets at http://www.amerikickinternationals.com

karate for kidsThe highly trained students of Amerikick in Warrington PA. traveled to compete in the Masters Karate Tournament at the University of Scranton on Sunday March 11th and swept every event they entered. Emily Cid 13, wowed the crowd with her spot on form, which accented her total control through balance precision and power. She easily took first place, as did Isabella Manzella 10, who amazed all with her high precision kicks. One judge commented,”That’s the best performance of that form I have ever seen.” Isabella not only performed a perfect first place winning traditional form, she also used her speed and accuracy to win the point sparring event.

The youngest member of the team Tommy Balkir age 8, showed even though he is a very young black belt he deserves it. He had no trouble taking first place in all of his events, even against much older black belt children.

AMERIKICK is the place to go for children and teens who have outgrown their smaller schools and are looking to compete at the highest level of the martial arts. On the NASKA open tournament circuit ( widely recognized as the best in sport karate) Amerikick has the highest number of wins in the country. The highly experienced Sensei and coaches at Amerikick martial arts bring their students to the top consistently. There is currently a waiting list to train with the award winning coaches, as more and more competitors realize the need for top tier training. Amerikick has been training Champions since 1967 and will be running the prestigious Amerikick Internationals, the nations best run tournament on March 30 and 31st at the PA convention center.

10 degree Black Belt Dennis Tosten

Attention Students, Families and Friends:

Amerikick is excited to announce the relocation of Amerikick Karate Marlton  to a bigger and better facility. Located 1.4 miles away the new location will be in the Crispin Square Shopping Center which is located at 230 North Maple Ave, Marlton, New Jersey. The effective move date is scheduled for the first week of March and  the definite date will be announced as it becomes available.

Amerikick  may close for a few days to facilitate the move, depending upon the day and  time of the move. All class schedules, programs and instructors will  remain with out change. The new school will be larger and will offer a  better training environment for everyone.

Amerikick Marlton is a member of the Amerikick Martial Arts  association which was founded in 1967 by Grandmaster Dennis Tosten and has  over 25 locations in 5 states. We opened the Marlton School in 1996 and  since that time we have instructed thousands of men, women and children of all  ages in martial arts, fitness training, world champion competition training  and more.

Amerikick Marlton has graduated over 200 students to black  belt. 13 students have earned world champion titles in sport karate  competition. Thousands of dollars has been donated to local charities and  organizations. Amerikick is proud to be a part of the local community and continually offers free women’s self defense classes, bully prevention classes, and kidnap and rape prevention seminars.

Amerikick will be joining the Crispin Square Center and stores  including Hallmark, Gamestop, Weight Watchers, Bottom Dollar Food Store, Scotto’s Pizza, Jelly Bean Jungle, the UPS store and more. Keep up to date on the move via the school website at www.amerikickmarlton.com

amerikick karate world  Alana Wegfahrt age 18 of AMERIKICK KARATE 382 Easton Rd  in Warrington PA receiving her Undisputed title as the Number 1  female fighter in the U.S.A. from NASKA last night in Chicago.  Alana from Jamison PA has been training at Amerikick since age 5 and  is known for her beautiful kicks and graceful attitude. As a part of the  prestigious Amerikick World team she is holding her own defeating  many slightly older karate champions. She is now a Sensei at the Warrington karate school and loves teaching other young girls  to
be confident and self assured through martial arts training.