Amerikick Tommy BalkirTommy Balkir started at AmeriKick Martial Arts in Warrington PA at age 3. Now at age 8 he is winning National Martial Arts tournaments.

This weekend he scored big at the Battle of Baltimore and walked home with a world title belt in Chinese weapons. He took a second in sparring, narrowly edged out by another hard working AmeriKick teammate Ben Wenzke.

Amerikick Karate Warrington“The program at AmeriKick is so diverse. Tommy is winning in five different divisions, Chinese weapons, creative, traditional kata, nunchakaus, and sparring.

The program is really unbelievable. We travel to many tournaments and the kids at AmeriKick always take home the most trophies”

Tommy is looking forward to his next competition and meanwhile will Amerikick Karate Chalfontat be training hard at AmeriKick.

He is even assisting every Wednesday Amerikick’s newest school at County line Rd and 152 in Chalfont PA 215-716-3623

karate flexibiltyThis week in every martial arts training class we will be helping you to become a faster and higher kicker by helping you to improve your flexibility.

Flexibility is increased through stretching. We stretch to avoid injuries and for better performance. The more you stretch the faster you will become because a loose muscle moves faster than a tight muscle.

Here are a few things you can do to become more flexible in your martial arts training :

1. Routine : The only way to improve your flexibility is to stretch everyday. Do a light stretch, touch your toes, straddle and side splits as far as your feel comfortable. Do this as soon as you get up in the morning. This will make stretching easier the rest of the day. Then stretch a little more right before lunch. Do a full stretch right before karate class, then a quick stretch before bed. Keep up this routine and you will be kicking over your head in no time.

2. TV Drill : If you are watching TV, sit in a straddle for the entire show. Every few minutes try to push your legs out a little further. This type of static stretching is a painless way to improve your flexibility.

3. Heat It Up !!! : Turn off the air, or go outside, The best way to get in shape and get muscles loose it to do martial arts training in the heat. Cold tightens muscles and slows your progress. Just be sure to drink enough water.

Saturday August 25th, 2012 10:00 a.m. at Amerikick Marlton

Are you an Amerikick student age 12 or older?

Then you are eligible to attend the Amerikick College. Learn how to take your skills to a whole new level. Call 1-856-797-0300 to reserve your spot. An amazing chance for you to own your own AMERIKICK.

Don’t forget we have a new location in Chalfont Karate.

karate chalfontAmerikick Karate Chalfont has opened!


The bright and spacious Chalfont karate school is conveniently located at Limekiln Pike and County Line Rd right next to 7-11.


The head instructors Dennis and Sharon Tosten have been teaching character building karate programs to children and adults for decades in this area. The Chalfont karate program focuses on conditioning, concentration, coordination and self discipline.

The first classes started Monday October 1st and every student left with a new goal and a smile on their face.

Amerikick martial arts are the best value in an activity for yourself or your child. The Amerikick karate Chalfont team consists only of instructors with at least ten years of experience in the martial arts and numerous national competition wins. Amerikick has consistently been rated the #1 school in coaching competitive martial artists.


Be sure to check the website and youtube to see their top teams in action. Amerikick unlike other local schools relies on great classes, goal setting and a well planned curriculum to keep students interested rather than trying to lock you into a contract. There are no contracts at Amerikick karate Chalfont and a flexible schedule.


Prices are very reasonable and classes have a 4 to 1 student to instructor ratio. You can get started at Amerikick Karate Chalfont and Kickboxing for 2 months only $99 and also get a FREE uniform or FREE gloves.


Amerikick was started in 1967 by Dennis Tosten and now has 28 schools on the east coast and mid-west, as well as the top tournament in North America, the Amerikick Internationals. Be sure to train with the best. Call Amerikick Karate Chalfont now at 267-980-8518.