Kids KarateFor parents who want to help their children to be their best in life often want to encourage them to excel. There are many areas a child can excel in, much of this depends on their passions and skills. While some parents may not know exactly what areas are best for a child, others can see quite early one where their child’s gifts are.

Some children may be very active, but show no definitive sense of drive in any particular area. But other children do show a particular affinity for sports, or the more creative outlets. However, most children can find a world of enhancement in their physical skills and the mental discipline if they become involved in some type of organized activity that involves movement.

For children who hunger to become involved in something exciting that will bring them to a whole new level of skills, Karate Classes is the answer. Karate is a wonderful way for children to learn self-discipline, drive, and skill. In fact the benefits of Karate for the average child can be many. It is a widely known self-esteem builder, self-discipline builder as well as being great at enhancing a sense of physical well-being for a child. Try free karate classes today!

With the multi-level skill building in Karate, children have many opportunities to grow into excellence. With each acquired Karate belt level, children have many opportunities to feel a sense of accomplishment and grow in their sense of self-discipline. No matter what age a child is when they start Karate, it can be the “right” age. Groups in differing levels consist of children of all ages, so no child feels left out, or left behind. The focus of the instructor is to always enhance each child as an individual for their particular level of physical ability. No child is ever ostracized, no matter what their level of skill is. This fact alone can help any child feel welcome and accepted in the circle of Karate teachings.

As a young adult with Down syndrome I am very proud to have the opportunity to test for a black belt. It gives me great pleasure to practice for the black belt testing. When I first began Karate classes training, I was very scared of all the pressure and physical demands. I would often leave training very upset and tell my parents I didn’t want to go back.

I soon learned that the Amerikick Team was very supportive and helpful. All the Sensei’s were proud of me and I began to work very hard gaining confidence in my abilities rather than my disability. Sensei Nick is always extremely supportive, and Sensei Nicole would always tell me what a great job I was doing. All the Senseis are really helpful and teach me a lot about how to protect myself, remembering all the different Katas, and self defense techniques I learned in karate class.

I really like going to karate classes now and I always do my best to show the younger students that if you work hard you can achieve anything. I like to think I am a good role model for them. My teammates at Amerikick are really great and we help each other a lot. We work out very hard to stay in shape. I am most proud of my straddle, which is always the best in my whole class.

I practice and stretch every day to keep my body very flexible. I am going to work very very hard to study all my techniques so that I am sure I can pass my black belt testing. If I do get my black belt, I will continue to train at Amerikick karate Delran with all the other Sensei’s to keep on improving my knowledge and technique so that I can get my next degree of black belt.

Getting a black belt is not the end for me, just the beginning of what I think will be a lifelong training of this wonderful discipline called Karate. As I work towards my next degree I will do my very best to learn all the techniques Amerikick teaches so that I can continue to improve my physical shape and ability to protect myself. I look forward to training under the Senseis. Every one of them encourages me to do my best. They are the best teachers in the world. They always take care of the students and keep us prepared for anything that may challenge us in life.

I hope I can pass my Black Belt test so that I can become a Sensei just like The Amerikick Senseis. I would try very hard to teach the younger students all the same life lessons, skills, and attitudes that the Amerikick Senseis have taught me over the years. I would also continue to train as hard as I can to achieve my goal of reaching higher degrees of Black Belt and achieving the highest level I am capable of earning.