karatenasticsThis week in every class we will be helping you develop the gymnastics skills needed for extreme martial arts. Practicing proper fundamentals in gymnastics will allow you to proficiently perform extreme tricks and kicks.

1. Arm Strength: Many of the tricks rely on your ability to spring off your hands. The best way to prepare for this is to practice standing on your hands for as long as you can. Jackie Chan used to hold his hands stand on a chair for 3 Hours! As did everyone in the Chinese Opera school. If you can’t do a full hands stand yet. Practice against the wall, by walking your feet up the wall and stay there as long as you can.

2. Bridge: The next skill you can use to develop arm strength is the Bridge. Lay on your back, roll your arms back until your fingers point back at your shoulders. Then arch your back up as you walk your feet in. Hold this as long as you can.

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