I want to be remembered as the one who gave his all whenever he was on the field. – Walter Payton

Work on a fast and exciting kick combination. It’s one of the most dynamic weeks we do, because to be a great kicker, takes a lot of work and practice. Here are a few things you can do to improve your kicks.

1. Stretch – Don’t just save stretching for when you are in karate class. Do the stretches as soon as you wake up, right after school or work and once more before you go to bed. Your improvement will be dramatic!

2. Chamber – Great kicks start and finish with a great chamber. On every kick focus on puling your chamber in as tight as possible. At home practice holding your leg in a high chamber position for as long as you can.

3. Pad Rhythm Drill – When you are kicking the paddles, you should “hear” a quick slap with each kick. Try to listen to that rhythm and work hard to create a faster beat. The important part is in between kicks, get the first kick down quickly and “pop” the next kick up as fast as you can.

Then you are invited to Amerikick Black Belt training 7:30 pm Monday at the BRAND NEW Amerikick Warminster 1047 County line Rd Warminster PA 18974  215-343-2378

Sunday Dec. 2nd  230pm  Collingswood NJ  Scottish Rite theater.  Tickets $5, $10 and $15. Tickets on Sale Now 1-866-38- KARATE or 1856-757-0300

throwing karateThis wees karate lessons will be teaching throws and sweeps. You will learn how to quickly interrupt your opponents balance and take them down to the ground. Be sure to practice your falls!

SWEEPS : Sweeps are when you use your arms or legs to take out an opponents feet. Most sweeps are kicks angled to the legs. Just like there are hook kicks, wheel kicks, and roundhouse kicks. There are hook sweeps, wheel sweeps, and roundhouse sweeps.

THROWS : Most throws work on a simple theory; put your opponent’s weight on one leg and rotate them on their axis. Watch this weeks karate lessons and see how this works as you learn new throws.

STAY ON YOUR FEET : Except for a few advanced throws, your goal is to throw your opponent down and stay up on your feet! Rolling to the ground is mainly used in sport versions of martial arts. It would be extremely dangerous to go to the ground in any multiple attacker situation.

The Amerikick World Team continues its Winning Streak! Try your free karate lessons today!

karate chalfontAmerikick Karate Chalfont has opened!


The bright and spacious Chalfont karate school is conveniently located at Limekiln Pike and County Line Rd right next to 7-11.


The head instructors Dennis and Sharon Tosten have been teaching character building karate programs to children and adults for decades in this area. The Chalfont karate program focuses on conditioning, concentration, coordination and self discipline.

The first classes started Monday October 1st and every student left with a new goal and a smile on their face.

Amerikick martial arts are the best value in an activity for yourself or your child. The Amerikick karate Chalfont team consists only of instructors with at least ten years of experience in the martial arts and numerous national competition wins. Amerikick has consistently been rated the #1 school in coaching competitive martial artists.


Be sure to check the amerikick.com website and youtube to see their top teams in action. Amerikick unlike other local schools relies on great classes, goal setting and a well planned curriculum to keep students interested rather than trying to lock you into a contract. There are no contracts at Amerikick karate Chalfont and a flexible schedule.


Prices are very reasonable and classes have a 4 to 1 student to instructor ratio. You can get started at Amerikick Karate Chalfont and Kickboxing for 2 months only $99 and also get a FREE uniform or FREE gloves.


Amerikick was started in 1967 by Dennis Tosten and now has 28 schools on the east coast and mid-west, as well as the top tournament in North America, the Amerikick Internationals. Be sure to train with the best. Call Amerikick Karate Chalfont now at 267-980-8518.

karate“Champions keep playing until they get it right”

Martial arts weapons are a part of the learning process on the road to black belt. There are ups, downs, twists and turns that students must go through in the process of achieving this great goal.

The Weapons are used as an extension of your body all the same training in power, speed stances and form apply when using weapons.

This week in every class we will be working on weapons and helping you to get in tip top shape for the weapons tournament competition and demonstrations. Bring your weapons to class this week. The weapon is an extension of your body, so all the same rules apply when you work with a weapon.

1. Repetition: Practice any Kata or weapons move at least ten times in a row each day. When you perform, you don’t want to be thinking about the next move. You want to focus on doing EACH move as perfectly as possible. It takes a while to get to this point in any Weapons Kata, but the more times per day you do your Form the faster the Form will become a part of you.

2. Did you know that most weapons started off as farming tools? Unarmed peasants learned to use the tools to defend themselves.

KAMAS – these were farming sickles
NUNCHUKAUS – were developed from a horse’s bit
SAIS – were used to dig trenches in the ground
TONFA – is also the police nightstick. It was the handle of a millstone used for grinding up grain
BO STAFF – was developed from a stick held across the shoulder with baskets hanging on each end

Bring a buddy power pass: Pass offers students and 2 or more buddies a free 30 minute private karate lessons. Every buddy must fill out an information sheet. After the private lesson is completed, buddies will receive a very special offer from Amerikick.

AKL TOURNAMENTS are June 3rd. See your Sensei to be a part of the action.

BLACK BELT EXTRAVAGANZA is June 10th 2:30 and is the most exciting 2 hour martial arts show of the year!!! Call 1-856-797-0300 for tickets $5, $10 and $15. All top ten winners will perform Amerikick 1 on stage. See your Sensei for your free ticket.