karate tournament 1. Be sure to bow when you enter and leave the ring

2. Always maintain eye contact with the judges

3. Be confident and speak forcefully

4. Never turn your back on the judges

5. Follow all instructions given


Tournament Week:

This week in every class we will be working as teams to help you improve your martial arts skills and get you in tip top shape for competition. All these drills will help both you and your team!

1. Repetition: Practice any Kata you plan on entering 10 times in a row each day. When you perform, you don’t want to be thinking about the next move. You want to focus on doing each move as perfectly as possible. It takes a while to get to this point in any Kata, but the more times per day you do your from the faster the form will become a part of you.

2. Spar: What’s the main goal of sparring? Many students answer; “To hit the other player.” Actually the true goal is: “To never get hit.” When preparing this week, set aside a space (the rings at the tournament are about 18×18) and work on staying in your stance with your hands up and shuffling across, vertically, horizontally, and circling around the ring both clockwise and counter clockwise. Also work on shuffling abruptly out of the corner. If your foot work is fast, smooth, and unpredictable it makes it very difficult for your opponent to score on you. This will give you better control of the match and help you set up to score effectively, and most of all – “Not get hit!”

Be a part of this weeks Tournament June 3rd – See your Sensei!

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