Amerikick Tommy BalkirTommy Balkir started at AmeriKick Martial Arts in Warrington PA at age 3. Now at age 8 he is winning National Martial Arts tournaments.

This weekend he scored big at the Battle of Baltimore and walked home with a world title belt in Chinese weapons. He took a second in sparring, narrowly edged out by another hard working AmeriKick teammate Ben Wenzke.

Amerikick Karate Warrington“The program at AmeriKick is so diverse. Tommy is winning in five different divisions, Chinese weapons, creative, traditional kata, nunchakaus, and sparring.

The program is really unbelievable. We travel to many tournaments and the kids at AmeriKick always take home the most trophies”

Tommy is looking forward to his next competition and meanwhile will Amerikick Karate Chalfontat be training hard at AmeriKick.

He is even assisting every Wednesday Amerikick’s newest school at County line Rd and 152 in Chalfont PA 215-716-3623


Kevin Schlueter has spent most of his life learning and teaching martial arts.He started his first lesson at Amerikick at age 10, and since then has continued training and helping Amerikick Karate grow into the top karate schools in America.

Kevin will be competing at the Philly Fit Challenge on November 25th at the BucksMont sports center 2278 North Penn Rd Hatfield PA. He is ready! At age 32 he is a 4th degree black belt, He has won dozens of first place trophies, one of which is coveted by all great fighters…The Warrior Cup, considered the Stanley cup of sport karate. Along with that he has earned 7 world karate titles.

For the last 12 years he has been teaching pumped up kickboxing classes, that tone your body fast and give you muscle tone unsurpassed in any other workout. He trains two demonstration teams at Amerikick, and travels to Warrington and Montgomeryville elementary schools and day care centers, servicing the community with the karate programs, “stranger danger” and “bully proof”.

He is one of the founders of the AMERIKICK FITDEFENSE workout which teaches quick and easy self defense through a fun rhythmic workout. Come out and try out this hot new dance workout and vote for Kevin, he is ready to get you pumped! “AMERIKICK is the only workout that can both shape your butt and save your butt.”

Alex Kerwood Amerikick Warrington Sensei is now on the Philadelphia 76ers tricks team!

Alex Kerwood a Sensei at Amerikick Martial Arts in Warrington PA has just been chosen to be a part of the Sixers Flight Squad team. You will seem him during Half time, flipping, tricking and dunking to the cheering crowds. Alex has been studying with Amerikick since he was a young boy and now teaches other young children karate skills and how to be dynamic on and off the mat. Congratulations Alex, we will see you at the game!

This week in every Martial Arts class we will be helping you to learn defense moves if you are on the ground. Did you know that 80% of fights end up on the ground? Of course as a trained martial artist your goal is to remain standing at all times and put your attacker on the ground.

A Little History : The following techniques are martial arts ground defensive techniques, not grappling. Grappling is a sport and is not effective in multiple attacker situations.

Ground defense move are designed to quickly incapacitate an attacker and get to your feet. These moves were developed thousands of years ago, for the emperors in the Hainan Province whom were often attacked in their sleep.

Fact: 60% of the world still sit and sleep on the floor. Martial arts ground defense is important because you spend half of your life sitting or lying down.

Did you know? Many of the techniques that you learn in regular martial arts class can be easily adapted for the ground. You’ll be learning how this week!

martial arts ground techniques1. Get Up : At home, practice “popping up quickly” from your bed, your favorite chair and on the floor. See how fast you can get into your fighting stance.

2. What If Drill : As you go through your day, play the “what if” game. Think what you would do if you were attacked while gardening. Or lying in your bed. What if your were at your computer desk and someone grabbed you from behind? You could use your chair as a weapon. Plan how you would escape.

3. Watch Your Head! : As you practice drills in class, one of your main goals is to never let your head hit the ground. Keep your chin tucked and never allow your head to snap backwards.

First Free trial class this Wednesday 7:30 pm Amerikick Karate Warrington.
Everyone is welcome. Classes will also be held at the Amerikick Instructor College Aug. 23-25

I have many goals in life that I have not yet achieved. But one is different. One really stands out to me, and that is my black belt. I have worked many years for this opportunity, years full of hard work. All my hard work really paid off. It is a great honor to have made it this far.

I remember being so shy that first day, but in a few months all that shyness was gone. No one could stop me. It felt great. I could just be me. Every class I remember thinking how hard it was, but now I look back on everything I have done and think it is all worth it. Some people think that once you get your black belt, it’s the end of the road. But to me, it’s just the beginning.

I am 10 years old and I think it’s amazing to get all the way to black belt at this age. Some people don’t get their black belt until they are adults. It’s hard to believe that I started karate over 5 years ago. I mean how many people make it to black belt at 10 years old.

Karate has helped me learn right from wrong. It has also helped me keep my grades up. I have related every day things in to karate, like Math, Writing, and Social Studies. My sensei has once said, “There is no tomorrow. All you have is now”. That is why I do not put things off anymore. I remember being so afraid to mess up that I would just freeze. Now if I mess up, I keep going. Karate has helped me build my self-confidence.

At karate, if I ever have a question, somebody is always there to answer it. Karate is a place where I can get a break from reality, and just focus. At my black belt test, I will be very nervous, but I know I can do it. At every class, if I do not give it my all, I can’t stop thinking I let myself down. At my black belt test, if I don’t give it my all, I let my whole school down. Now that’s a lot of pressure.

Nervous,Proud, and Effort – These all describe how I will feel about my black belt test. Every class, I remember the advice I had been given and use it next class. My dad also does karate. He is a purple belt right now. He has made me better at karate. He might not have the highest kicks, straightest punches, or even some flexibility but he gives it his all every class. No matter what, my dad always comes home from class and teaches me new things, and I teach him.

That makes me very proud to be his daughter. I have come a long way with karate. Karate is not just a goal. It is a part of me that will be there forever. Karate is what I want to do when I am older. Karate has been an amazing journey. This essay is just one step closer to my black belt. This may be the end of essay, but it is the beginning to my black belt.

karate for kidsThe highly trained students of Amerikick in Warrington PA. traveled to compete in the Masters Karate Tournament at the University of Scranton on Sunday March 11th and swept every event they entered. Emily Cid 13, wowed the crowd with her spot on form, which accented her total control through balance precision and power. She easily took first place, as did Isabella Manzella 10, who amazed all with her high precision kicks. One judge commented,”That’s the best performance of that form I have ever seen.” Isabella not only performed a perfect first place winning traditional form, she also used her speed and accuracy to win the point sparring event.

The youngest member of the team Tommy Balkir age 8, showed even though he is a very young black belt he deserves it. He had no trouble taking first place in all of his events, even against much older black belt children.

AMERIKICK is the place to go for children and teens who have outgrown their smaller schools and are looking to compete at the highest level of the martial arts. On the NASKA open tournament circuit ( widely recognized as the best in sport karate) Amerikick has the highest number of wins in the country. The highly experienced Sensei and coaches at Amerikick martial arts bring their students to the top consistently. There is currently a waiting list to train with the award winning coaches, as more and more competitors realize the need for top tier training. Amerikick has been training Champions since 1967 and will be running the prestigious Amerikick Internationals, the nations best run tournament on March 30 and 31st at the PA convention center.

10 degree Black Belt Dennis Tosten

karate lansdale warrington  Students from Central Bucks CB South and Lenape middle school enjoyed a day at AMERIKICK in Lansdale PA.  They participated in exercise, stretching, and self defense skills.  Later they were treated to demonstrations from the instructors from Lansdale and Amerikick Warrington.  Pictured are Sensei Doug with Eric Powell from Lenape.

Karate for kids is a great way for children to learn lessons in life and build self confidence. Our approach at Amerikick is like none other. Currently we are less than 500 students away from reaching 1 Million students satisfied. Also, there are 26 locations nationwide. Your child can

amerikick karate world  Alana Wegfahrt age 18 of AMERIKICK KARATE 382 Easton Rd  in Warrington PA receiving her Undisputed title as the Number 1  female fighter in the U.S.A. from NASKA last night in Chicago.  Alana from Jamison PA has been training at Amerikick since age 5 and  is known for her beautiful kicks and graceful attitude. As a part of the  prestigious Amerikick World team she is holding her own defeating  many slightly older karate champions. She is now a Sensei at the Warrington karate school and loves teaching other young girls  to
be confident and self assured through martial arts training.

kick boxingWhack!  The rounded glove crashes into a bag as a smiling woman  pulls back for another uppercut punch.  Kickboxing is taking off this  season.

Amerikick’s  kick boxing super fat burning classes are producing amazing  results for moms and dads.

“I can’t believe the  instruction here.  I went to many health clubs and I realize now why they  were boring… the instructors didn’t have the amazing experience and knowledge of the Amerikick instructors. The instructors here are teaching  me how to kick and punch with power and finesse and showing me how I can  improve my performance by changing small things.  It’s so much fun.  I  love the class!” says Sherry from Jamison PA.

Kickboxing burns up to 750 calories per hour and the group here is so enthusiastic. Yes they are sweating, yet they all  look like they are having a really good time. Sensei Kevin  is not only a buff instructor, he moves like a martial arts movie star.  He is a  world champion in martial arts sparring and can jump high enough to kick the ceiling of the Karate school.  But more important he is able show the  class how to be the best they can be.

If you are looking for a  fun work out this season don’t miss out. No other fitness program will  get you in shape faster.  You will see results after just one week with kick boxing.

Call 215-343-2378 or Drop in for a free kick boxing class at 11am-12pm or 8:30-9:30pm Tuesday and Thursday.