I want to be remembered as the one who gave his all whenever he was on the field. – Walter Payton

Work on a fast and exciting kick combination. It’s one of the most dynamic weeks we do, because to be a great kicker, takes a lot of work and practice. Here are a few things you can do to improve your kicks.

1. Stretch – Don’t just save stretching for when you are in karate class. Do the stretches as soon as you wake up, right after school or work and once more before you go to bed. Your improvement will be dramatic!

2. Chamber – Great kicks start and finish with a great chamber. On every kick focus on puling your chamber in as tight as possible. At home practice holding your leg in a high chamber position for as long as you can.

3. Pad Rhythm Drill – When you are kicking the paddles, you should “hear” a quick slap with each kick. Try to listen to that rhythm and work hard to create a faster beat. The important part is in between kicks, get the first kick down quickly and “pop” the next kick up as fast as you can.

Then you are invited to Amerikick Black Belt training 7:30 pm Monday at the BRAND NEW Amerikick Warminster 1047 County line Rd Warminster PA 18974  215-343-2378

Sunday Dec. 2nd  230pm  Collingswood NJ  Scottish Rite theater.  Tickets $5, $10 and $15. Tickets on Sale Now 1-866-38- KARATE or 1856-757-0300


FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 16th 6:00 – 8:00 PM
$40 preregistered and $50 at the door
856-797-0300 or markrusso@amerikick.com

Ross Levine has been training in the martial arts since he was 7 years old. He has been competing on the regional, national and international level for 12 years and is currently a member of Team Impex. Along with training 5 days/week and competing at least once each month, Ross is also a student at Brooklyn College, Majoring in Exercise Science, with a Minor in Nutrition. His goal is to continue into Graduate School to earn a Doctorate Degree in Physical Therapy. He teaches martial arts to children, teenagers and adults 3 days/week at the Amerikick Karate Studios in Brooklyn as well.

ross levine martial artsAs the reigning #1 rated competitor on the NASKA circuit in the Heavyweight Sparring division and multiple time NASKA winner of the Creative Non-Bladed Weapons division, Ross specializes in sparring techniques, strength training, body conditioning and creative bo-staff maneuvers. He puts his expertise to work teaching private lessons and seminars on a regular basis to students all over the United States and across the globe. Ross also designed his own line of Custom All-Star Sparring Gear which retails successfully in the United States, Canada, Mexico and Europe.

Some of Ross’ most notable accomplishments include:

  • 2004-2010 NASKA World Champion Creative Weapons
  • 2004-Present NASKA World Champion Sparring
  • 6x Warrior Cup Winner, most in NASKA History

black belt extravaganzaDo you always feel rushed during the holidays? Do you have too much to do? Plan ahead this holiday season and get organized with some of the following tips.

Remember traditions. If your family has traditions that you keep year after year, plan for them now. Do family members draw names for gift giving? Do the children in your family prepare skits or adults tell family stories? Do what ever you need now to make sure the traditions are passed on. Create a checklist, decide on a theme for decorations, prepare menus etc. This will make it much easier.

Prepare your gift list now. Collect catalogs and visit websites if you like to order gifts, go to the local shopping center before the crowds arrive or collect what you need if you make your own gifts. Make lists so you don’t forget anyone important. If you mail gifts out of town then get them organized and out early.

Gather your supplies. Make sure you have stamps for holiday cards, wrapping paper for gifts, kitchen items if your hosting and or cooking.

Do some house keeping. Are guests coming for a visit? Now is a great time to clear out the clutter in your extra bedroom, put away out of season clothing to make closet and draw room for overnight guests. Add the little things that will make them comfortable; extra blankets, plush pillows and fun reading materials are some examples.

Decorate the outdoors. You may think its too early to put the lights up, but its much easier to do it now than in the middle of a snowstorm. Test the lights before you put them up and after but don’t turn them on at night until Thanksgiving time.

Cook, Bake and Freeze. This is a great time to prepare soups, cookies, and whole dinners. Store them away in the freezer to be ready when needed for unexpected guests and parties.

Save time for Fun and family. Don’t forget to reserve time in your busy holiday schedule for simple fun and family time. See a movie or rent a family favorites. See a show like the “Nutcracker”. Plan a family picnic in front of the fire place. Attend the Black Belt Extravaganza. You will be amazed how these simple things will turn into treasured memories and even family traditions.

bullyBullies are individuals who pick on others as a result of low self esteem. their main target are those who display conciliatory traits.

Such as:

Looking Down : Hold your head up, walk straight and purposefully. Focus on having good straight upper body posture during all of the drills in class.

Speaking Without Confidence : Speak clearly, strongly, and make eye contact.

Getting Upset : Never let a bully get you upset. Many times bullies are playing a game with you. The game is to get you upset. If you do not get upset, you win the game.

“It’s not what you are called. It’s what you answer to.”

AKL TOURNAMENTS November 18th, 2012 at Amerikick in South Philadelphia 16th and Snyder.

See your Sensei for your player cards. We have a division for white belts all ages. If you know Little Dragon you are ready to compete. Everyone who performs their kata receives a medal.

Come and get the best work out of your life and help make Amerikick’s Sensei Kevin Philly Fit Magazines top fitness instructor. Sunday November 25th, 2012 at the Philly Fit Bash

Amerikick Black Belt show. See what it is all about. Sunday December 2nd, 2012 at 2:30 in Collingswood theater. Collingswood New Jersey just 5 minutes across the Ben Franklin Bridge. It’s exciting! Tickets $5, $10 and $15.

Aeryn Mei-Ling SmithHello. My name is Aeryn Mei-Ling Smith. I was born in Anhui Province in China and was adopted by my parents, Russ & Marley, when I was only 14 months old. I will be turning 9 years old in the next couple of weeks. I started karate at AmeriKick Karate Langhorne during the summer of 2008, when I was only 4 years old. I had taken a class with Sensei Chris Goffman when he came to my preschool to teach the kids. That August, my parents signed me up for regular classes. In the fall of 2010, I joined the Black Belt Club after I earned by Purple Belt. In the fall of 2011, I joined the Master Club after earning my 2nd Kyu Brown Belt and being asked to join the Langhorne Demo Team by Sensei Chris Millares. I have earned my way up to the rank of Red Belt, which I earned last fall. I placed in the AKL Tournament Top 10 for AmeriKick Langhorne in 2010-2011, and the AKL Tournament Top 10 for both AmeriKick Langhorne and AKL Pennsylvania in 2011-2012. I’m now into my 5th year of karate as I approach my Junior Black Belt.

Aeryn Mei-Ling Smith black beltWhat BLACK BELT Means to Me:

I have been very fortunate in my years of taking karate to have worked with Senseis who have shown me what it means to be a Black Belt, and the things I can accomplish as a Black Belt. In my early days, my Senseis at AmeriKick Langhorne (Justin Smith, Chris Goffman and Melody Waterhouse) helped me grow into a talented young martial artist, as I earned my way from my White Belt up through my Blue Belt. In 2011, Sensei Chris Millares came to AmeriKick Langhorne and took me under his wing and helped me to grow faster. I went from Green Belt at the start of 2011 to Red Belt by the end of the year. This year, Sensei Chris M. has been helping me prepare for my Black Belt testing, as well as refine my musical and creative katas. I have also had the honor of working with other Senseis. Grand Master Dennis Tosten taught my class the power of using our minds in addition to our karate. He taught me some sparring techniques that will help to protect me. I have also worked with Sensei Mark Gallagher each month during the sparring and tricking sessions he holds at his school. He has shown me how to use my height as an advantage during sparring and how to protect myself from quick strikes while I’m attacking. He has also shown me warm-up exercises that work well when I’m going to be tricking. I met Sensei Emily Cid there, too, and she has been really helpful with my sparring.

Dennis Tosten AmerikickBlack Belt Testing:

As I approach my Black Belt testing, my dad and mom have been helping me to understand the importance of this achievement. I have loved doing karate since I started, especially the tournaments, Demo Team, and the friendships I am making with other students at AmeriKick. I have been learning so much, from the katas, weapons and sparring, as well as tricking. I am working very hard, taking about 6 – 8 classes a week as I learn more in preparation for testing. However, it hasn’t always been easy for me. Being shorter than most of the kids in my classes, it can be harder for me especially during sparring. I have strived to overcome this disadvantage. My Senseis have helped me to overcome this and worked with me to turn it into an advantage. When we practice self-defense, it is harder for me to do some techniques when my partner is taller than me. I know going forward my training will only get tougher. Having friends who are already Junior or Senior Black Belts, I see how hard they work in their classes and I know that I must do the same. One thing I really enjoy is the AmeriKick tournaments. I get to meet kids from other AmeriKick Karate schools, and I have been fortunate to do well. I hope to continue as I move into the Black Belt division.

What Are You Planning to Achieve on the Quest Towards Your Next Degree:

Once I get my Junior Black Belt, I do not plan to stop there. I want to keep working toward my Senior Black Belt and eventually to 1st Degree, and maybe even 2nd Degree Black Belt before I go off to college. I know that is a lot of work, and with the support of my parents and my Senseis, I think this is something that I can accomplish. It will be a lot of hard work over the next 8 to 10 years, but this is a goal that I want to achieve. One thing I look forward to doing as a Junior Black Belt is to be able to help the Senseis in teaching the younger students at AmeriKick Langhorne. I have wanted to do this for a while, and once I have my Junior Black Belt, I think this is something that I would be able to do, to give back to AmeriKick. I also look forward to learning the advanced katas I see the other Black Belts learning. It means working harder and practicing more frequently and for longer to reach the levels of discipline Black Belts should demonstrate.

Do I deserve the honor of a Junior Black Belt?

I believe I have demonstrated the discipline and desire to attain this honor. I have been looking forward to this since I received my Red Belt last fall, and I have been working very hard with all the Senseis to understand and exhibit the skills necessary to be considered for receiving my Junior Black Belt. I can only hope I have impressed upon them my desire to attain this goal.

Thank Yous:

I would like to give my thanks to many of the Senseis that have been there for me on my journey and helped me along the way:
Sensei Justin Smith
Sensei Chris Goffman
Sensei Melody Waterhouse
Sensei Chris Millares
Sensei Andrew Bacchus
Grand Master Dennis Tosten
Sensei Mark Gallagher
Sensei Vince Little
Sensei Doug Shaffer Jr.
Sensei Alicia Gallagher
Sensei Mike Sautner
Sensei Emily Cid
Sensei Juliette Rihl
Sensei Tessa Lukacs
Sensei Amanda Laverde

Amerikick Tommy BalkirTommy Balkir started at AmeriKick Martial Arts in Warrington PA at age 3. Now at age 8 he is winning National Martial Arts tournaments.

This weekend he scored big at the Battle of Baltimore and walked home with a world title belt in Chinese weapons. He took a second in sparring, narrowly edged out by another hard working AmeriKick teammate Ben Wenzke.

Amerikick Karate Warrington“The program at AmeriKick is so diverse. Tommy is winning in five different divisions, Chinese weapons, creative, traditional kata, nunchakaus, and sparring.

The program is really unbelievable. We travel to many tournaments and the kids at AmeriKick always take home the most trophies”

Tommy is looking forward to his next competition and meanwhile will Amerikick Karate Chalfontat be training hard at AmeriKick.

He is even assisting every Wednesday Amerikick’s newest school at County line Rd and 152 in Chalfont PA 215-716-3623


Kevin Schlueter has spent most of his life learning and teaching martial arts.He started his first lesson at Amerikick at age 10, and since then has continued training and helping Amerikick Karate grow into the top karate schools in America.

Kevin will be competing at the Philly Fit Challenge on November 25th at the BucksMont sports center 2278 North Penn Rd Hatfield PA. He is ready! At age 32 he is a 4th degree black belt, He has won dozens of first place trophies, one of which is coveted by all great fighters…The Warrior Cup, considered the Stanley cup of sport karate. Along with that he has earned 7 world karate titles.

For the last 12 years he has been teaching pumped up kickboxing classes, that tone your body fast and give you muscle tone unsurpassed in any other workout. He trains two demonstration teams at Amerikick, and travels to Warrington and Montgomeryville elementary schools and day care centers, servicing the community with the karate programs, “stranger danger” and “bully proof”.

He is one of the founders of the AMERIKICK FITDEFENSE workout which teaches quick and easy self defense through a fun rhythmic workout. Come out and try out this hot new dance workout and vote for Kevin, he is ready to get you pumped! “AMERIKICK is the only workout that can both shape your butt and save your butt.”

As a young adult with Down syndrome I am very proud to have the opportunity to test for a black belt. It gives me great pleasure to practice for the black belt testing. When I first began Karate classes training, I was very scared of all the pressure and physical demands. I would often leave training very upset and tell my parents I didn’t want to go back.

I soon learned that the Amerikick Team was very supportive and helpful. All the Sensei’s were proud of me and I began to work very hard gaining confidence in my abilities rather than my disability. Sensei Nick is always extremely supportive, and Sensei Nicole would always tell me what a great job I was doing. All the Senseis are really helpful and teach me a lot about how to protect myself, remembering all the different Katas, and self defense techniques I learned in karate class.

I really like going to karate classes now and I always do my best to show the younger students that if you work hard you can achieve anything. I like to think I am a good role model for them. My teammates at Amerikick are really great and we help each other a lot. We work out very hard to stay in shape. I am most proud of my straddle, which is always the best in my whole class.

I practice and stretch every day to keep my body very flexible. I am going to work very very hard to study all my techniques so that I am sure I can pass my black belt testing. If I do get my black belt, I will continue to train at Amerikick karate Delran with all the other Sensei’s to keep on improving my knowledge and technique so that I can get my next degree of black belt.

Getting a black belt is not the end for me, just the beginning of what I think will be a lifelong training of this wonderful discipline called Karate. As I work towards my next degree I will do my very best to learn all the techniques Amerikick teaches so that I can continue to improve my physical shape and ability to protect myself. I look forward to training under the Senseis. Every one of them encourages me to do my best. They are the best teachers in the world. They always take care of the students and keep us prepared for anything that may challenge us in life.

I hope I can pass my Black Belt test so that I can become a Sensei just like The Amerikick Senseis. I would try very hard to teach the younger students all the same life lessons, skills, and attitudes that the Amerikick Senseis have taught me over the years. I would also continue to train as hard as I can to achieve my goal of reaching higher degrees of Black Belt and achieving the highest level I am capable of earning.

Alex Kerwood Amerikick Warrington Sensei is now on the Philadelphia 76ers tricks team!

Alex Kerwood a Sensei at Amerikick Martial Arts in Warrington PA has just been chosen to be a part of the Sixers Flight Squad team. You will seem him during Half time, flipping, tricking and dunking to the cheering crowds. Alex has been studying with Amerikick since he was a young boy and now teaches other young children karate skills and how to be dynamic on and off the mat. Congratulations Alex, we will see you at the game!

karate movie‘I train when I am sick, I train when I am tired. I train when I don’t feel like it.” – Jackie Chan

This week in every class we will be working on learning how to do fun realistic movie fight scenes. Many of the AmeriKick sensei’s have worked on martial arts films and attended stunt school. Sharon Tosten and Mark Russo worked as stunt people for Jay Leno’s episode in Philadelphia. Dennis Tosten, Mark Gallagher, Mark Russo, and Chris Millares have appeared in films and Sharon has done stunts for rock videos with groups such as Metallica.

You will be learning to perform stunts and fight scenes the same as the professionals do.

1. Watch A Jackie Chan Movie: The master of action is Jackie Chan. When you see him fight try to look at the “bad guys.” How they flip and fall is some of what you will be learning this week. A good stunt person always make a star like Jackie Chan look great.

2. Bring In A Friend: This is a great week to bring a friend into class with you. You both will learn fun drills that you can practice together.

Sunday Sept 23rd
AMERIKICK TOURNAMENTS AKL TOURNAMENTS Everyone earns a medal for performing

3 Chances to win
There are three great tournament events your child may enter.
KATA- White belts will perform Little DRAGON.
WEAPONS- Beginners can perform Little Dragon with the weapon of their choice.
SPARRING- Get points for every focused Kick or Punch that scores on your opponent.